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About Us

RTC has a long-standing history of commitment to providing quality telecommunications services to our customers.

Founded in 1959, Robert and Maxine MacCormack made a proposal to acquire the Farmers Mutual Cooperative in Rye, CO. The proposal stated if the McCormack’s could successfully build a new telephone network, install a switch, and provide telephone service to every home within one year, the telephone system would become theirs. If they could not accomplish the tasks within the proposal the system would remain the Cooperative’s. The community took them up on the deal, and RTC was on its way!

Today, RTC has 15 full-time employees and a serving area of approximately 1,800 square miles with over 2,000 subscribers. RTC utilizes a state-of-the-art fiber optic network and offers an abundance of products and services for your telecommunications needs. Easy access, great options, fast speed, and competitive prices all at your fingertips. RTC’s affiliate offers High Speed internet Access and Long Distance service. Another RTC affiliate, TVision, provides video services to the vast majority of the RTC serving area.

RTC is a subsidiary of Signal Telcom Partners (STP) and operates independently; maintaining its local brands, management, customer service and the sense of community. RTC is committed to providing the highest quality of advanced communication services - keeping its customers connected to the world.